Traditional Home & Garden

Re-imagining a home's traditional façade and transitioning to a more loose, natural elevated garden in the rear to enhance views of the urban landscape while feeling protected.

To accompany the remodel of their home, the clients asked for a new front and back garden. They wanted the front garden to compliment the traditional style of the house as well as recall the formal, lush landscapes that once dominated the area. The back garden would be more natural for relaxation, reflection, and reading. The front garden builds off of a newly planted ornamental pear tree. The plant massing is parallel to the house with a round planting of Pittosporum to create a focal point.

Pittosporum and English Lavender create different textures and patterns with varying shades of green, purple, and silver. Autumn is quite spectacular as both the Gingko trees in the parkway and the new pear tree show off brilliant yellows, oranges, and reds. When the trees drop their leaves, the patterned landscape below is exposed.

Lewis Digital Render-lavn



Traditional Home & Garden

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