Educational Garden

A curvilinear journey through California-native plants that represent bio-diversity, engage the senses, and evoke a connection to nature.

A long, linear strip of dirt underneath some large Chinese Elms was the setting for a garden that would eventually capture the attention of both children and adults. The development of a serpentine pathway, connecting nodes along the way, were the bones of a garden space that is surrounded by a wide array of various California-native plants with fragrance or taste and provide food and habitat to our crucial pollinators. The space also includes two raised-bed vegetable gardens for the children to get in touch with where their food comes from.

Ivanhoe concept-1

Education garden-2

Education garden-1


Educational Garden

Client Feedback

"I’ve worked closely with SMLD on the concept, design and development of our Native Gardens and Outdoor Classroom Space. The project was designed to provide additional green space/play space and to further opportunities to support outdoor, hands-on, environmental education. We were very pleased with the entire process and in SMLD’s generosity in providing us with the additional community resources to keep our project on target and within budget. SMLD helped us create a beautiful and thoughtfully designed space with expertise, knowledge and creativity. As our school community moves forward in developing an environmental curriculum, we continue to admire SMLD’s ever-present dedication in the field as well as his understanding of the need for conservation and education to play a leading role in the future of both our children and in the future of Landscape Design. Thank you SMLD for continuing to partner with Ivanhoe Elementary and our community."

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