Arts & Crafts Garden

A California-native approach to the Arts and Crafts movement (1880 – 1910) representing the unity of garden, house, and interior. (Planned for Fall 2016)

This recently remodeled home designed by architect Gina Moffit was once nestled between a very large Coast Redwood and Incense Cedar that were heavily affected by the drought. In collaboration with our arborist and tree removal service we were able to repurpose sections of the trees within the landscape. This made it possible to unify the prominent interior wood features and cedar hot tub while minimizing the need to import more elements into the landscape.

The welcoming front garden engages guests and directs their attention down a lovely path that divides the garden into three sections. Connected below grade, the picturesque rain garden captures and stores rainwater from the house’s roof, creating a self-sustaining, environmentally sensible green space. Drought-conscious features like this are particularly important in California and other summer-dry climates. They show you can have a lush-yet-earthy look with minimal irrigation.

By maintaining the majority of the existing topography in the back garden we created a sunken patio space surrounded by an elevated woodland garden. Stone and brick veneer on the serpentine garden wall creates a warm, old-world feeling as it transitions into bench seating wrapped around a simple, yet inviting fire pit. These allow for versatility in regards to furniture and other hardscape elements—a fold-up round table can serve as the outdoor dining area.


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Arts & Crafts Garden

Client Feedback

Shawn and his team were extremely helpful and creative in addressing my home garden overhaul. They turned my neglected, drought-abused, front and back yard into a triumph of sustainable beauty!As a first time home owner, it was really important for to me to work with someone who was able to articulate and effectively communicate my vision of a whimsical storybook home back to me. Shawn and his team presented several illustrated plans and diagrams as well as various image boards that demonstrated a tremendous knowledge and expertise of plant materials. Everything was clear, organized and detailed-oriented -- I knew we were 100% on the same page!The thing that set Shawn and his team apart was how well-researched they were. Every question I was interested in exploring from plant allergies, cedar barrel hot-tub installation, gas-powered fire pits, fruit trees, water usage, and city-mandated rain barrels was addressed. When I had follow up questions, they were promptly researched and responded to in a follow-up email or phone call.Upon approving the design and moving forward with the installation, Shawn met me at the nursery to pick out my trees. When we wouldn't find one that met his standards, he went above and beyond by driving out to Riverside to hand-select one! He was always on-site supervising the entire installation (not just the plant materials) and ensuring everything went according to plan.My garden is growing in and my trees are loving life. Being on a street with a lot of foot traffic, I can't explain how gratifying it feels when a neighbor, friend, or complete stranger stops to compliment my gorgeous new landscaping!
Brett B. - Resident

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