Art Studio Garden

A humble, romantic garden stroll surrounding a custom-built art studio that boasts colors and contrast throughout the year.

Inspired by her mother’s garden in the Pacific Northwest and dedicated to her memory, the client asked for a colorful, flowery perennial garden that’s always lush and doing something wonderful to surround an art studio built for her son.

A decomposed granite path with Santa Barbara cobblestone allows for flux and flow as it curves around a central water feature where birds can bathe, drink, and sing. The plant materials, specifically chosen for the hot climate of the San Fernando Valley, require less water.





Art Studio Garden

Client Feedback

I challenged Shawn 2 years ago to build me a very special garden. My mom had just passed away and left me money I wished to use in her memory to create, a "magical, spiritual, English garden" in the middle of one of the hottest summers on record following 6 years of drought in Southern California. He smiled patiently then began introducing me to drought resistant plants. Nope, I cringed at succulents..I wanted lavender and soft purples, a bird house, a fountain. He took us to nurseries he knew would have the look I wanted but also he gently blended in the practical and necessary plants that could sustain and support my dream garden. He got the best plants and was surrounded by his crew of creative people who listened to every plant, flower, pot and color idea I had. Today, this garden is one of my greatest joys. Our pride to share with family and friends. We can see it from our living room windows and it actually extends our living space. This was also part of Shawn's plan. He sees beyond your vision to create and enrich it at every turn.
Laurette McCook - Resident

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