HOW WE WORK A holistic approach from start to finish.
1. Consultation

Our design process starts with an initial visit to your property to discuss your needs, wants, and priorities for your landscape.

2. Site Assessment

A thorough evaluation and inventory of your property’s existing conditions, requirements, and potential.

3. Analysis

Coalescing information from our inventory, site surveys, soils tests, and local ordinances to start building our conceptual vision.

4. Design

Starting with preliminary schematics, we collaborate with you to organize your space into a final design vision.

5. Permitting

Finalize planting plans, hardscape, irrigation, and landscape lighting. Next, we'll hire engineers, consultants, and agencies to obtain any necessary permits.

6. Installation

Now design becomes reality, including the construction and installation of walls, hardscapes, outdoor structures, irrigation, and plant material.

7. Maintenance

Now that we've selected and installed the appropriate plant and landscape materials, we make sure your new green space is tended to in its new stage of life.

8. Sustainability

A long-term relationship is the key to a sustainable garden. From regular to seasonal maintenance, continuing development, and water management.

Meet the team

Shawn Maestretti Landscape Architect
Gisela Garay Project Designer

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